Evernote for Beginners: Evernote for iPhone

Four Unique Features of Your Mobile Experience

Now that we have taken a good look at Evernote from a desktop experience, let’s dig in to the mobile experience starting with the iPhone. Many of the primary features are the same, just with different navigation. The mobile experience brings a few additional features only possible on a phone or tablet.

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Coming from a desktop experience, the features you will recognize immediately are:

But Evernote does not just give you the bare bones experience. The mobile application is very robust. Others features that are available which we haven’t reviewed on this blog yet are:

  • Work chat
  • Sharing
  • Presentation mode
  • Duplicating a note
  • Simplifying format

Four features unique to the iPhone version are:

Quick Notes

The Evernote app allows you to quickly create a specific type of note with one click. The options available are text, photos, reminders, and a list.
These are along the top row of your app, and in the widget area if you enable it.


One of the more obvious advantages of the mobile app is the ability to snap a picture – an actual photo or a picture of a document or business card.
You can take several for one note or create a new note for each photo. Michael Hyatt gives some ideas of what you might want to snap a picture of.

Voice Recording (and Voice to Text)

Although these features are available in the desktop experience, you will need extra equipment to get it to work depending on your hardware. The phone has everything built in to make this a very convenient feature to use.
To use either feature, create a new text note. Record your voice for audible playback, by clicking the microphone that is part of Evernote’s formatting bar. To convert voice to text, click the microphone on the iPhone keyboard.

Anywhere and Everywhere

And if the ability to take a photo is the obvious advantage, then the ability to pull up your notes any time any place is the less obvious advantage.
Evernote on my phone has saved me (and maybe a tree or two) in more than one situation. It’s like Google for information that is personal to me.

Question: Do you use Evernote for iPhone? If so, what is your favorite feature? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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