Evernote for Beginners: Web Clipping

How to Get Anything from the Web into Evernote

Evernote has so many great features. I always find myself saying “this is the most useful feature” about them all.

photo courtesy of deathtostockphoto.com

photo courtesy of deathtostockphoto.com

But really, of all the features, the Web Clipper is right at the top because of its usefulness and user-friendliness. It is the easiest, fastest way to get content from the Internet into Evernote. Web articles, PDFs, recipes, pictures – if you can find it, you can clip it.

Some of you may be asking “why would I want to clip something from the web?” Here are just a few things and reasons:

  • A new recipe you’d like to try
  • A great article, but you can’t finish reading it all right now
  • A tutorial that you realize you have searched for five different times
  • A great article to support research you are doing
  • A post that inspires ideas
  • A picture that you want to use in a blog post
  • A design for a neat project to do with the kids
  • A PDF of your water bill that loaded from the company’s website
  • A screenshot of a recurring error that you need to share with your team
  • A bookmark of a whole website you just have to share with your spouse

The two major aspects of the Web Clipper are:

  1. Your Style
    You can clip (1) the article, (2) a simplified article, (3) the whole page, (4) just the link, (5) a screenshot, or (6) a pdf. The simplified article is by far my most frequently used selection. It strips out all the extra stuff – ads, sidebars, etc. – and leaves you with just the content.
    Clipping also gives you the advantage of never losing content. I’m sure you’ve experienced it – sometimes content on the web just goes missing! But as long as you have a decent organizational framework and know how to use search, you’ll always be able to find it in Evernote.
  2. Your Organization
    You can set up default options to always save a new clip to the same notebook. I have mine set to save to my Inbox so I don’t have to think about organizing it right then. But the Web Clipper does give you the option to select a folder and add tags on the fly if you do want to organize the new clip immediately.

And now for a quick demo of how to use Web Clipper.

NOTE: In this demonstration, I’m using the Google Chrome browser (my personal favorite) on a Windows 7 PC. Your experience may look different depending on your setup. Web Clipping is even available on smartphones!
To get the plugin for Chrome, go to Chrome’s web store, search for Evernote Web Clipper and install. Once you sign in to the Web Clipper, you’ll be all set to start clipping!

Question: Have you tried the Evernote Web Clipper yet? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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